Özge Özbakır

“A few years ago, I realized that the most motivated times of my career, were the times that I was coaching the sales teams and had contribution to individuals’ improvement. After that, I started to work on new areas about consulting and training by using my business experiences and the new ones together. I was happy, even if I could help illuminate the path of a person. Then, I have prepared myself for these areas, I read, wrote, saw, listened, got training. I never stopped working, because as Mevlana said, "being a candle is not easy, you first need to burn before giving light.”


Özge Özbakır, has assumed managerial roles especially in marketing and sales strategies, product management, segment management, CRM, project coordination, sales and performance management areas in banking sector for a long time. With her high motivation and energy, Özge Özbakır has been the part and manager of the creative teams that introduced many new products and services to the sector, which will be defined as the first in the sector.

Özge, uses the experience which it was gained from the sectoral experience to provide companies with Strategy and Project Consultancy related to their banking projects while continuing her career by providing Business Coaching. She is currently pursuing her coaching work intensively in order to obtain the title of accredited coach (ACC) by ICF (International Coach Federation). On the other hand Özbakır, who works as a volunteer mentor in PWN (Professional Women International Network) and Girls' Protection Association, through her coaching and mentoring, mediates her clients to find ways to handle with the difficult aspects of the business world and to reach their own solutions.

Özge, graduated from Yıldız Technical University, Department of Mathematics in 2005 and received her MBA degree from Bahceşehir University. She is working on a career blog and continuing her researches on Change Management and Organization / Relationship Systems Coaching.

Areas of Expertise

  • Leadership Development
  • Change Management
  • Strategy
  • Process Designing
  • Product Development
  • Change Management
  • Motivation
  • Project Management
  • Sales Skills
  • Customer Experience Management

Current Areas of Interest

She studies the human brain and psychology and aims to deepen in the field of psychology with the trainings which she will complete in the field of Organizational Psychology.