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Marketing Summit

The Marketing Summit has been organized by Management Centre Türkiye (MCT) and Eventus annually since 1999. With interesting themes, famous speakers and thousands of marketing professionals in attendance, it has the distinction of being the largest marketing-focused conference in Turkey.

The Marketing Summit Expo is one of the most anticipated events of the traditional summit each year and it provides the opportunity to communicate and trade face-to-face with close to 2,000 marketing professionals.

  • A meeting point for hundreds of international professionals, leaders in their fields of work, world-renowned speakers and participants…
    konuşmacılar ve katılımcılar için bir buluşma noktası…
  • A unique platform to share the marketing industry’s global agenda and success stories that are changing the world…
    için eşsiz bir platform…

Who are the participants

  • Senior managers who want to get inspired
  • Marketing, sales, brand and product managers who want to follow the global agenda
  • Marketing and sales teams who want to expand their business networks
  • Any professional interested in the world of marketing trends