Mehmet Namık Aydın

“It gives me great joy to see the sparkle in the eyes of people to whose lives I have touched, when they share their new excitement with me. I get so much pleasure in every one of my attempts, actions that makes me live the feelings of I am renewing myself, and I’m evolving… It exhilarates me to observe that those that I helped increase their awareness are contributing to the people around them… To think that ‘Tomorrow I will be better than I was today’, and to be able to do something about it, increases my devotion to and my faith in my job.”


Joined to the Management Centre Türkiye (MCT) in 2003, Mehmet Namık Aydın has been supporting corporations in their performance development with his expertise in basic management skills and personal effectiveness enhancement.

Mehmet Namık believes that an individual, in order to enhance his/her personal effectiveness, manage him/herself and others effectively, has to internalize the “Competency” set and chose to exhibit his/her behaviors in this direction. He believes that personal development is to convince someone to employ more his/her positive traits for his/her own benefit by enhancing his/her awareness, instead of pushing this person into being somebody else. The “Managing with Competence” model that Mehmet Namık developed consists of Corporate Benefit, Managerial Courage, Personal Integrity and Human Pride.

Mehmet Namık Aydın provided trainings under the basic topics of Enhancement of Personal Effectiveness and Managing with Competence in corporations like ABank, Abbott, Abdi Ibrahim, Akbank, Arkas Holding, AstraZeneca, Azercell, Basf, Bayer Turk, Boehringer Ingelheim, Cargill, Danone, DHL, Dogus Automative, Eureko Insurance, Finansbank, FNSS, Ford, Garanti Bank, Garanti Retirement, Garanti Mortgage, Garanti Technology, Global Information, GOSAS, Henkel, HSBC, Inteltek, JTI Turkey – WWDF Geneva-WWDF Grece – Iran- UAE/Dubai-Saudi Arabia, Karsan, KLM, Koc Allianz, Kuwait Petroleum, Lafarge, Linde Gaz, L’oreal, Mercedes Benz, Mey Alcohol, MSD, Numil, Oracle, Organon, Perfetti, Philip Morris, Roche, Schneider Electric, Set Group, Setur, Starbucks-Shaya, Shell Gas, TEB, TEB Insurance, TFKB, Turkcell, Tuborg, Ulker, Vestel, Vodafone, Weber Markem, Wella and Yapi Kredi bank.

Graduated from London Institute of Marketing, Mehmet Namık Aydın has worked throughout his bright career as the Product Manager, Marketing Manager and Director of Training&Development in corporations, such as Dasa Eczacibasi, Toprak Kagit and RJ.Reynolds/JTI. He is maintaining his training and development activities in different cultures, geographies for 18 years, in those years he actualized training, development and consultancy programs in 25 countries. Mehmet Namik Aydin has a Train-the-Trainer, Facilitation Skills and Training Design, Content and Methodology (Instructional Design) Certificates, additionally he acquires an Insights Personel Inventory and PDI 360° Feedback accreditations.

Areas of Expertise

  • Improving Personal Effectiveness
  • Basic Management Skills
  • Managing with Competence
  • Performance Management
  • Team Development and Management
  • Performance Consultancy
  • Train the Trainer
  • Facilitation Techniques

Current Areas of Interest

Recently Mehmet Namık prioritises facilitating corporate adaptation for employees of ‘Y’ Generation, for the managers of ‘Y’ Generation, sharing and development programs in the area of managing with competence, instead of positional power. Aside from that, he is striving to develop applications/models that will be supported by our culture, will easily convince the managers and the managed in order to increase the effiency of competencies like ‘Getting and Giving Feedback’ and ‘Coaching’ in the corporate world.